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Leather Skull Bracelet for Men Stack "Helios Kratos"


Helios Kratos - When the god of sun learns to fight


A set designed by adaptability, comfortability and quality. The three components this stylish men’s bracelet is providing for supporting you at any time.

The adaptability is caused by the mix of simple but unique designs. In that case the mix of Helios and Kratos. The olive green has an ageless, even youthful effect. To still keep it classy we concentrated on the right size and colour for the skulls and decided for black plated stainless steel, for both bracelets. The red colour of the Helios bracelet makes this accessory a statement and whatever you want to wear the Helios Kratos stack will pimp it up.

The lightness and softness of our stylish men’s bracelets comfort you in every movement your life demands (just a glimpse at your wrist will remind you of wearing a bracelet or two). Of course, you can wear them individually whenever you want.

Speaking of high quality we talk about genuine leather and stainless steel, which assures the bracelet’s durability.

Quality is not just about the fabrics but also its production: We only use leather that accrues at the traditional slaughter as a “Waste product“.

The Helios Kratos Stack is a set of two individual men bracelets that is offered for a special price. Of course, both skull bracelets can be worn individually. Also ideal as a gift.

This leather accessory is everything you are looking for in a bracelet, as heating as Helios, as determined as Kratos.


  • length of the skull bracelet is 20,5 cm
  • the diameter is 6,5 cm
  • the braided men bracelet is 6 mm thick
  • it is made of genuine leather
  • the skull is black plated stainless steel 
  • the black magnetic fastener is made of stainless steel with the gents bracelets engrave on the reverse
  • the men bracelet comes in a fashionable black pullout box