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The Perfect Valentines Gift for Him

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on January 23 2018

February is around the corner and bliss is floating in the air. You can almost taste the smell of candles, roses and chocolates. Cupid is about to take a hit and if he is exact, love will blossom. As usual, he never misses. Especially when you have the perfect gift to show him how much you love him.

Is your man special? Then don’t go the cliché’ way. Think of something bespoke and off the envelope that will have him splashing love all over the place for you. I know, it can be a little hard to decide on what is perfect, but I will help you choose the perfect Valentine's gift for him this year. Let’s talk about the three T’s that matter:

  1. Time

The world can be crazy and be demanding to the point that you barely have time for each other. It doesn’t matter if he is the CEO of a company, always closing deals and travelling; or an athlete who is consistently hitting the tracks to perfect his game; or just your man who does what he does best to provide and protect you. When last did you set aside some time to just bond and do stuff together?

That is the perfect place to start. This Valentine, you can book a date with your partner in the evening to catch up and remember why you love each other. You could even take days off from work to cook a meal together, watch the stars, hire a Limo and travel to nowhere, or just catch a movie. You could also relive your first date and wear the clothes you had on, the perfume and make up and make sure the spot is exact.

Your man will remember that moment because it will spark the love in him and remind him of all the reasons why he chose you.

  1. Tangible

Yes, give him something that he will take with him everywhere he goes. I think a classic watch, a pair of boxers, tie, whiskey opener, shoes or a designer perfume are okay. But they are also cliché’. You could create a treasure for him in the form of a memory box.

How? Think of all the good times you had together, the perfect pictures, all his favourite music and put all that into one frame or recorded catalogue. Give him a place to go when he is not too sure. Let him have something physical with all his best moments that he can use to remind himself of his best self. His good qualities and resilience. Call it a sanctuary if you may.

You could do an album, a CD or something framed. Or be creative and make a flash disk that is designed as a bracelet that he can quickly retrieve and use it to recreate bliss. Just be creative and let him have a treasure for the perfect Valentines gift.

  1. The exclusive Gents Bracelet

Do you want to boost his confidence by making him look more fashionable? How about getting a piece of bracelet form Gents bracelet? They are made from high-quality leather that will not wilt away after three days. He will wear it for the longest time without losing the charm.

The best part is that he can wear it with anything or even layer it with his watch for that sound and leadership touch. They are always made with class and exceptional attention to detail making them the best gift for a special person.

You care about his looks, right? You can now show him by gifting him the best bracelet that he might never take off.

You already have an answer, right? Let’s perfect the Valentine season by getting that man the perfect gift. Turn the tables this time and be in charge.