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Which is the right wrist to wear Men’s Bracelet?

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on December 26 2017

Once you go past thinking that jewelry is for women and actually get a skull bracelet for yourself, new questions pop up. You could start wondering when to wear it, how to blend it with your clothes and maybe which wrist best suits your bracelet. I will help you with the third question by showing you five different ways of rocking your bracelet.

1.Layer it with your watch

If you wear a watch daily, then you already know the wrist to put your bracelet on. Just make sure that the color tones match and the size of your bracelet is slightly smaller than the watch you are wearing. The point here is to accentuate your accessory and not to let them fight for attention. Just wear it alongside your watch and you are good to go.

2.Strike a balance

Sometimes you might feel like layering your bracelet alongside your watch is a bit bulky. You don’t have to do that. Simply wear your bracelet on the opposite hand to create a balance between the two hands so that one wrist doesn’t feel overburdened and uncomfortable.

3.The Dominant Hand issue

The reason why there is no specific rule is that rules are boring and fashion is interesting. It is free and experimental. The other reason is that we have right-handed and left-handed people. Most right-handed people wear their wrist watches on the left wrist and left-handed people wear their watches on the left wrist. Do you get the drift? So, if you want to layer your bracelet with your watch, just use the dominant hand rule and if you want to balance them out, the same rule applies.

4.Stand-alone Concept

I don’t want to downplay how awesome my jewelry is. If this sounds like you, then you are the kind of person who would wear your bracelet alone and let it steal the show. If you decide to make your bracelet a spotlight, simply wear it on the wrist that you would put your watch on. Simple, right?

5.The Busy Hand Concept

If you are like me, then you must hate distractions when you are working. Your bracelet could distract and block you while writing, drawing or even painting. If that is you, just wear your bracelet on the other hand and keep your focus on where the money is coming from. Get it out of the way and don’t let it distract you.


With that said, how and where you wear you wear your bracelet has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. So, don’t be afraid of wearing it the way you like. It’s your style; make it as comfortable as possible and try out with whichever wrist you prefer. These are not rules, just guidelines to keep at ease.


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