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What Does the Color of your Mens Leather Bracelet say about you?

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on December 20 2017

What Does the Color of your Mens Leather Bracelet Say about you?

In a YOLO culture where everybody is looking for a meaning in everything, jewellery has not been spared. Everybody is now doing something for a certain reason. The reason behind the choice. Sometimes it could be beyond your conscious control. Maybe just a way of the universe trying to connect you with your personality. Snapback!

Before I start sounding like an exotic healer, let us go back to men’s leather bracelets. Do you have one or know somebody who does? What is the colour of that leather bracelet? Does it spark off anything in your mind or is it just another way of expression?

Other than the fact that a man’s leather bracelet endorses masculinity and reveals a hint of a rebel and edgy personality, there is more to its colour. Do you like it green, black or blue? Here is what your colour of choice says about you:

Black Men's leather bracelet

Many people love black because it is conservative and goes with almost every outfit in their wardrobe. It is hard to go wrong in terms of tone and balance when you have a black men’s bracelet. There is more to it though. When you wear a black men’s leather bracelet, you send out a message of strength, power, and dominance. You have the leader characteristics in you and are bold enough to show it any day.

It also adds tones of sophistication and class. The beauty of mystery around you cannot be shaken off. There is something powerful about not being easily figured out. You become an enigma and a person of interest without even knowing. If this sounds like you, is a black men’s leather bracelet your favourite?

Blue Men's leather bracelet

Blue is cool and earthy, no doubt about that. It is a laid back colour that does not display any punkiness and edginess to it. That is why it is considered professional. Do you have a blue men’s leather bracelet? Why? Is it because blue is your favourite colour or did you just find yourself falling in love with it at the store?

Whatever your reasons are, every time you have it on, the world around you sees a very approachable, practical and a calm person in you. Did I say earthy? Yes. Being in harmony with nature means that you can easily accept situations as they are without being dramatic. But just as rugged as the earth is, so are you. A sense of freeness and lack of care in the world is what your blue men’s leather bracelet says about you.

Dark Green Men's Leather Bracelet

Green definitely goes with nature and that is why when it is worn in the form of a leather bracelet, it symbolizes serenity and warmth. Those people who are pleasant to hang around, friendly and receptive. This bracelet is for those people who have the words ’works best under minimum supervision’ on their CV’S and they mean it. Why? Because they are naturally focused and get their things done without being pushed around. They spend a lot of time admiring nature.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a little inside information on the psychology of men's leather bracelets and their colours, which one best describes you? Whatever it is, wear it with some authority because you now know something most people don’t and you're in sync with it.


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