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Tony Langheinrich

Posted on March 29 2018

As much as jewelry is known to be for the women, trendy mens bracelets are spreading like wildfire. These bracelets range from braided cord, metal cuffs to wooden beads. They are fun to wear in place of the watch as an accessory.  The different bracelets bring out different aesthetic vibrations to each one of your looks. Not only does it simplify, it eases the transition of the whole outfit and breaks the monotony as well.

The variations in the types of bracelets give men a wide array to select from, in accordance with their taste. These trendy mens bracelets are the talk of the town and will surely make you the style guru you always aspire to be, one band at a time.

Fabric wovens

They are one of the most popular bracelets on the market. The fabric woven is made of cotton and polyester mix. Given its nature, it comes in a variety of style. The material comes in different colors whereby one can easily find one that suits their outfit. This fabric woven bracelet carries a lot of aesthetic value if worn properly- you can match it up with your pocket square to bring out that polished look to your suit. To get that refined look you can also throw in a watch and rings completing the whole outfit. You can as well stack up with other bracelets such as a leather bracelet or a metal bracelet.

Leather bands

The leather bands have been in the fashion industry for ages but have just picked up. This particular bracelet is the easiest to style when it comes to any look. The leather bands are woven or crafted to suit the client’s style impeccably. The leather band differs in sizes, design and color giving a wide selection savouring the different tastes. There is the thin leather strap that goes well with any official look topped up with a nice silver watch; you can be the envy of all men. The wide leather band is reserved for more casual looks. With a timepiece and minimal rings, you can nail this look above and beyond.

Metal bracelets

The most sought after bracelet in these trendy mens bracelets since time in memorial. This metal bracelet is regarded as the most popular given the ruggedness it brings to one’s look. The metal bracelets come in wide varieties; they vary in tone, bulkiness, design and texture. Finding one’s preference has never been made easier when it comes to this particular bracelet.  The bulkier the metal bracelet, the higher the rating in the masculinity spectrum. The flexibility of this bracelet allows you to wear it officially and casually. Wear it with a watch and ring of the same tone for a crispier look, avoid putting on the bracelet and the watch on the same hand to avoid looking like a clutter.


You can easily navigate your way in choosing the perfect bracelet for any of your outfits from any these trendy mens bracelets. Switch up your look aesthetically.


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