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The guideline of what to wear at Christmastime

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on December 22 2017

New Year’s is coming closer, Christmas is almost there and the annual office party at your company is already this weekend. Considering all this can be somehow overwhelming for a lot of men. While women can’t stop talking about all the fabulous things planned for Christmas, most men are happy when Wham keeps quiet, Chris Rea finally arrived at home and the exit of the winter wonderland is near.

To giving you some support in these “tough“ days, we created a list of clothes you better should wear at the upcoming Christmas events to impress your fellows.



The holy turtleneck

Our first recommendation and we name it first with purpose, is the turtleneck. This piece of clothing is a must for several reasons: It’s perfect for wintertime, it’s timeless and adaptable and most of all it is the best not-too-dressynot-too-casual alternative to a shirt or a chemise.

But be aware of the colours you choose for your turtleneck. Better go for dark or neutral colours. Orange or a light green, for example, obtain the opposite effect (same with every kind of pattern or emblem). You don't want to look like a nerdy teacher when meeting your girlfriend’s parents at the Christmas dinner.

Another tool to loosen your style could be the accessory. The flashing of a bracelet or an oversized scarf already makes a difference.

For the really serious case that you are not equipped with a turtleneck yet, take a look at AMI Paris. They have a selection of basic turtlenecks cut in different shapes, 90% wool, 10% cashmere:

You think a roll neck isn't worth paying 200£ pounds or more?

We recommend you: Wide offer, small prices but still in style.



You can go anywhere as long as you stay with your “Chelsea's"

If you want to complete your “I’m such a great son-in-law“ look for the next family dinner, be concerned with the choice of shoes. Please leave your white sneakers at home. Also, your habitude of having Christmas dinner might permit (you won’t be the guy on the family portrait wearing summer pumps in winter time). Better go for a Chelsea boot. Its simplicity is compatible with however you are dressed like. Additionally, if the quality is valuable they keep your feet warm and protect them from moisture.

Of course, there is nothing wrong wearing Timberland boots but compared with the Chelsea boots, they always appear clunky and less chic.

You want to invest in quality, you can profit from for a long time? Farfetch has everything you are looking for. A big selection of different high-end designers like Saint Laurent or Church’s, as our favourites:



The overcoat which will never be over

Let’s continue with the outer shell of your outfit. In wintertime, it’s a good idea to wear a jacket you can keep on the whole evening, during a party for example.

Glimpsing at the AW17 fashion trends, overcoats are (like the years before) a favoured out-door look. If you don’t want to go with the stream wearing a honey coloured trench coat, what you think about a trench coat in windowpane check style? It really is an up to date, 2017 fashion trend and moreover an eye-catcher. But two useful hints: don’t be afraid to wear this style a little bigger (though you should look for coats cut with a generous shape, not just buy two sizes up). And hopefully needless to say: if the pattern is big and colourful, keep it in check by teaming with a more neutral outfit. Neutral, like a grey tee and easy-going details, like a bracelet.

What about this high-quality coat from Suitsupply:

But honestly, we prefer the cheaper option from Zara:



Shaun the shearling jacket

Because it’s wintertime and we want to ensure you always stay warm, here is a second outdoor style, you should consider: The shearling jacket.

The shearling jacket is thicker and thereby warmer than the overcoat but in succession more expensive. Of course, you can choose between a bunch of fabrics, like corduroy, denim, leather or faux leather. For a chicer than casual party, we would go for the leather one, in brown or black. The darkened leather with the white shearling collar, in contrast, works fantastic combined with a classy outfit beneath, even with a suit. To get yourself an affordable shearling jacket, we would like to mention once again AMI Paris: Granted, still no easily digested prices but compared to other designers, you really can’t condemn their quality-price ratio.

Otherwise, you have to stroll in a vintage store (you find them in every bigger city). If you're lucky, you could find one in real leather for 150-200£



Jewellery: The icing on the cake

The last but not least feature your winter outfit shouldn't miss is the jewellery.

Also, you may wear 10 layers of tees and jerseys, you can still add some details like rings or bracelets to your outfit. As long as you keep it simple, it works.

Because the internet is cluttered with online shops focused on jewellery for men and you may already have your own “insider tip“ to buy, we would like to present you just one shop, we appreciate a lot.

The shop concentrated on men bracelets, is called Gents Bracelets. They create skull bracelets in a unique but elegant style, that offers a high adaptability. Not too bold, not mainstream, either the casual family breakfast at home or the festive Christmas brunch, this little bracelet is compatible everywhere you go and with everything you wear. Especially for Christmastime, we recommend the skull bracelet “Helios Kratos“: The mix between red and olive is just as fitting as a glass of red wine to a good piece of beef in Christmastime.


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