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The Golden Rules Behind the Gold Bracelets for Men

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on December 19 2017

The Golden Rules Behind the Gold Bracelets for Men

What comes to your mind when you think of Gold jewelry? Is it the scary drug lords sitting at the corner of a casino looking like they are about to pounce on you for stealing a glance? Or does it speak status and class but you just don’t know how best to send that message with your pieces? Gold is precious, no wonder it is a very important currency standard. If Bitcoin were a mineral, maybe we could be having Bitcoin jewelry to talk about now. Anyway, let’s stick to our old and all time jewel.

Everything precious and worth talking about has some rules behind it. So how best do you present a gold bracelet for men? Try these tips and you can never go wrong:

The Minimalist Approach

How many times have you seen men layer several gold chains around their necks and many other gold bracelets on their wrists? How did they look? I am sure the answer to that cannot be neat and presentable. Just scary and too much going on. Don’t try that.

Instead, when it comes to wearing your gold bracelet for men, you have to remember that less is more. Overdoing it will send out the wrong message and you might just go to prison if a fashion cop catches you with pants down. Before you step out, make sure that your gold bracelet stands out on it owns. It is shiny enough, right? You don't need ten gold bracelet pieces to make a statement. One or two gets the job done.

The Perfect Balance

Your gold bracelet for men might not come with a user guide just like the mower you bought. In fashion, balance means everything. It draws the line between looking like a clown and wearing an aura of badass confidence. So, how do you balance out a gold bracelet for men?

By ensuring that all the tones you have on are balanced out. From your skin tone to the color code of your outfit. Gold is a sign of predictability but how to match up the colors isn’t as predictable. White gold blends nicely with cool skin tones and yellow gold can never go wrong with warm skin tones. You can also try to match it with brown and earth clothes tones or deep colors. Try as much as possible to keep it simple, conservative but classy.

Time of day

Are you surprised? The fashion world is full of rules that people break often but they are still rules anyway. If your grandmother didn’t tell you, then I will. Gold is best worn during the day because of its warm nature and the fact that that it is less shiny. So the next time you are stepping out in the mid burning sun, don’t leave your gold bracelet for men behind. Who knows, it could be your lucky charm.

Final Thoughts

Mostly, you will be told to wear something the way you deem fit and at your most comfortable discretion. That is true but when you keep the rules a little; you could make your gold bracelet for men more outstanding and functional instead of just a piece that sits on your wrist without a cause.


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