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The art of Layering your Skull Bracelet with Your Watch

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on December 18 2017

The art of Layering your skull Bracelet with Your Watch

The dynamics of manhood are so vast and nobody wants to stand along the blurred lines. So you have a collection of the latest skull and leather bracelets, check! Your amazing watch, check! Your confidence and a dress to kill attitude, check! You have also heard about layering but being a man those are details you barely concentrate on. You also don’t want to look like a man in the process. So, what do you do?

I understand you don’t have the all day to think about jewelry when there are bills to be paid and goals to meet. These three tips will help you on a rainy layering day when you don’t know how best to bring out the magic.

The Style

Anything that speaks matchy marchy is too girly. The best way to bring out the masculinity in you is to avoid wearing the same color of the watch with your skull or leather bracelet. Just try to look for color coordination with your overall outfit and make sure that the bracelet you have chosen compliments the watch

Less is More

Just because you want to layer doesn’t mean you should throw on all your favourite skull bracelets on one hand and all your leather bracelets on the other hand with a watch. That is an overload. Go easy on the number to ensure that nothing overshadows the glam of the next piece.

Just so you stop wondering how many is too many and how less is too less, here is a number code that you should abide by. Anything that goes more than five is a crime. It simply says that you are on a trial and error mission and you basically do not know the statement you are trying to make. So, how about you switch that a little and just wear your watch and with a maximum of two-layered bracelets on one wrist.

Trust me you will have enough days to rock all your men’s bracelets without overdoing it.

The spotlight

You know how you are told not to wear a red tie to an interview because you might seem rude? Yes, there are rules everywhere and in as much as we hate them, we can't help but follow them. So in a game of watches, skull bracelets and leather bracelets, who takes the throne?

Always make sure that your watch stands out. In terms of size, design, color, texture; whatever code you use to identify your watch with; it should be the one calling the shots on your wrist. Your skull bracelet will only accentuate the look and spice it up a little. It could also say the personality traits that the time guy is too busy to tell.


In fashion, layering is an art that can make or break your entire look. If done right, you could have the paparazzi following you around; and if done wrong, all the tongue will waggle you for the wrong reasons. The ball is in your court, layer them right and stand out as a man of class and style.


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