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Perfect Men’s Bracelet Combinations for spring

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on February 06 2018

Spring is around the corner and we are all saying goodbye to the cold weather. Time to throw away our sweaters and heavy jackets. Time to let our sexy show. Time to embrace fashion in the best way you know.

Being a man, you can now exude confidence, masculinity and unique personality by showing off your collection of men’s bracelets. Whether you are a rebellious card wanting to display your attitude and personality, or a CEO who is a bit rough on the edges, or just a wild spirit who does not succumb to the glass ceiling rule; spring is the perfect time to roll your sleeves and be fashionable.

Wondering which perfect combinations can work? The sky is not the limit, your imagination is. Let's start here:

1.Skull bracelet and cuffs

Just because it is spring, we all know that you cannot go to the office in a t-shirt unless you are in the art industry. Being your own man, you can still get your skull bracelet for men just below your cuffs. Make sure that the color code blends with your entire dress code and you will be surprised.

Spring is warm and so you might have to settle for warm but conservative to pull off a professional look. This works perfectly well on the days that you want your arm to be a bit lighter and you don’t want to wear a watch. Just get a skull bracelet and cuff combination and rock your office day away.

2.Skull Bracelet and a classic watch

Well, less is more but when it comes to fashion, layering is also an art. In spring, you have the luxury of showing off your entire arm and there is no better time to try layering than now. Get a skull bracelet and layer it with your watch as long as they blend in with your attire.

If you feel like that will weigh down your arm, you could wear them separately. A classic watch on one hand and the bracelet on the other hand. This will create a balanced look that you can pull off any day. Whether you are doing casual or official, this combination will not fail you any day. Take advantage of the warmth to show off.

3.Layer different bracelets

Spring is the perfect season to try different bracelets in different colors. You can layer several bracelets as long as they don’t go above five. Try wearing a watch in between two different bracelets of different colors. You could try gold, black and fuchsia. The bright colors of spring give you the power to try out anything.

From black and brown color themes with a hint of metallic to blue, gold and silver. Try a bracelet with an edgy look and combine it with one that is simple and laid back to create balance.

The perfect bracelet combinations for men in spring is infinite. You only have to try something out and roll with it. The advantage you have is that spring can get as colorful as it could and there are no limits to how colorful and fashionable you could be.

You could sample some of Gents bracelets and run with them. If you have any ideas of how you would want us to meet your needs and tastes, we will be willing to serve you.


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