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New Year, new me?

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on January 18 2018


When another year full of same routines, same people and same habitudes is over and a new one has begun, most people have the strong intention to change something. For some, it’s just quitting the cigarette (at least for 2 weeks). Others try to create an entirely new life, in changing their work, their house, their wife, whatever.

Divorce or not, start with simple steps and concentrate on yourself first. See what you can optimize. We ensure that this already makes a difference in perceiving your life.

And with “Concentrate on yourself first“, we mean “Taking a closer look at your wardrobe“, of course.

That doesn’t mean you have to shop 200 new pieces of clothing but in this article we suggest 4 to 5 basics, that give your common grey appearance a new 2018 worthy touch.

Determined to do so, we swept the whole men’s fashion Fall/Winter 2017-2018 season for an up to date recommendation.

Long winter, longer coat

Let’s start with the most suitable piece unfortunately needed for a long time in Europe, where spring starts more or less in the middle of July. Yes, it’s the outer jacket. Use this piece of clothing as an accessory to show your new 2018-sense of styling.

If you are tired of flowing with the stream, you should get yourself a mid- or full-length trench coat. These trench coats are more casual, more easy going, more up to date than the basic coat. Important to mention: Be careful with the fabrics you choose for your full-length trench coat. Better go for nice brown cotton or in the cheaper way polyester, in every simple colour you like. A leather one could send a wrong message.

A high-quality trench coat can last for more than 20 years with the right care.

Because quality is their first target, we recommend you:

600€ aren’t worth a new trench coat? Make a visit to a vintage store nearby.


Orange is the new black

Talking about fabrics and colours on jackets, we have to mention one colour, we couldn't ignore. It’s so up to date that both female and male is busy wearing it: The beautiful sunrise orange.

This season saw a psychedelic comeback for that dose of vitamin C orange for a sunny, street-ready style

So you are bored of all that grey the wintertime (but also your closet) offers? Then go and choose whatever you want, as long as it’s orange and hocus-pocus you are trendy. Trousers, hoodies, turtlenecks, leather bracelets. Your orangeness has no limit.

We know this might be a short-term fashion trend, so for lower prices take a look at|clothing|shop%20by%20product&refine=base_colour:7

Necessary accessory

You know, not only clothes can give you the special extra for the New Year. Also, well chosen

accessories can provoke an “ah-effect“ at your fellows. For some inexplicable reasons, there are thousands of men wearing every single day the same H&M-tee combined with the same 20 years old jeans.

Do you want to continue this look? Well, do so but add some pepper and salt: Maybe with a thrilling men bracelet? Skulls, leather wristbands, silver details. All those slight adds make the nerdy guy a trendy guy. And for the economic thinking man: Unlike an orange hoodie, you can wear jewellery like a skull bracelet, wherever and whenever you want, because it’s adaptable.

Do you need some inspiration for online shops selling men jewellery?

First, one to pay a visit to The assortment is concentrated on high-quality skull bracelets.

Thinking of a nice extraordinary ring? The place to go:


2018 goes vintage

You probably have one or two pairs of classic Wayfarers laying around already. But this time of the year is the perfect moment to up your game with some of new, fresh and bold frames!

One of the biggest trends you can get your hands on is the comeback of metal frames and clip-on sunglasses. They have made they come back from retro styles to current fashion. Men enjoy lightweight feel of metal frames.

Of course, you can have them in every shape and frame imaginable. Our favourite this year is the Charleston frame.

The double wire bridge is more than just intriguing. They are a piece of wearable art, which you can endlessly boast on Instagram.

Nice feature: The Medium-to-Wide Fit. Perfect for any face shape — especially for square faces with pronounced cheekbones, big forehead and angular jaw lines.

For a new pair of Charleston shades but also other vintage glasses, take a closer look at, as a specialist for old-fashioned glasses.




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