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Is A High Price Tag Synonymous with High Quality?

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on February 15 2018

In the fashion industry, the designer brands steal the show every day. They have high price tags attached to them and some of them are of high quality. If you ask many people why they don’t look a certain way, they will tell you that they cannot afford the lifestyle. Which brings us to the question, does a high price tag equate to high quality?

The answer to that is yes and no. Sometimes, it is all about price differentiation. A brand is manufactured to target high-end clients who don’t care about how high the price is. Why? Because many people have the mentality that expensive materials are bound to last. It is only right to a certain extent but don’t let that stop you from standing out. Selling your fashion statement in the price that you can afford.

So, what do you do when you have little to spend? Look for quality in the things that you can afford. Whether a product is expensive or not, you have to consider these factors:

1.Material used

Yes, this makes 90% of the quality of your product. Why? It determines its authenticity and durability. For instance, if you buy a bracelet made from pure leather, chances of it wearing off quickly are very slim. Does it have to be expensive? No. Gents bracelets is a good example. All their bracelets are made from the best leather and yet they are not overpriced.

On the other hand, some brands could use synthetic products that have been treated with so many chemicals and are prone to quick wear and tear. The polish and finish may fool you to think that they are of high quality; but, until you are certain that the material used is authentic, don’t throw your money to illusion. You can still look good within your budget and get durability.


Most of the expensive fashion products in the market are a copy of what is popular. Everybody wants to wear something that they saw on a celebrity. Did you know that you can rock your own style and still stand out? Gents bracelets for instance don’t only bank on classic and exquisite designs but they also focus on bringing out your individuality.

Fashion is moving away from the superficial outward look to the extraordinary statement that you want to bring out. The expression of your personality and individual qualities. In the expensively priced products, you would call them bespoke but Gents bracelets still manages to tap into your character without parading you on the streets like Christmas lights. You will stand out in your own right and be different because you are.

Do you have to pay for that? Not really.

3. Skill and expertise

Some fashion products are expensive not because the people who made them care so much about the final product. They were employed there and they deliver what they have to. Some high-quality jewelry that are not so expensive are made with people who are dedicated to bring out the best in them. They pay attention to every detail with an aim of bringing out the best.

How would you know this? Don’t look at the price. Look at the final product and inspect every seam, every twist and every polish. A perfect product can be seen.

Am I saying that all expensive products are of low quality? No. Some are expensive because of their class. But don’t fall for the trap. Do your due diligence and make sure the quality, the uniqueness and expertise pass the test before you commit your money. If it's cheap and it passes, roll with it and shine all the way.

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