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How to incorporate our skull bracelet collection into your winter wardrobe

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on November 30 2017

How to incorporate our skull collection into your winter wardrobe


Just as the seasons change, so too does your wardrobe. With winter incoming it pays to stay ahead in the fashion stakes and ensure that your look is appropriate for the time of year while still remaining on trend. If you want to update your look in a different way, consider incorporating our skull collection into your new season style.

With a range of different colours to choose from, there’s no limit to the looks you can create for a fresh winter look. Read on to find out how to incorporate the men bracelets from our skull collection into your closet for a fashion-forward winter look.

Mix and match with colours

Who says you can only choose one men bracelet? If you’re struggling to pick a favourite, get more than one and wear them together. Choose colours that complement each other well, such as our Apollon and Kratos skull bracelets, then choose wardrobe pieces in similar colours. Khaki is a great winter shade, so invest in a cable knit jumper or duffle coat in this colour for a perfectly matched look.

Wear the skull bracelets with your smart clothing 

While some may think that this kind of jewellery should be reserved for your casual outfits, there’s no reason you can add some accessories to your smart look as well. This time of year is often filled with parties and celebrations where you need to make a statement in a suit or button-down shirt but keep the look interesting by choosing a men bracelet from our skull collection in a muted shade. Zeus or Chronos both work well. Want to bag yourself some extra fashion points? Match the skull colour to your cufflinks for a pulled together, polished look.

Choose other accessories in the same colours 

Accessorizing well can make an outfit and if you want to ensure that your look turns head, make sure all of your tie in well together. Red is a great colour at this time of year, so choose our Helios skull bracelet and pick a chunky scarf or hat in the same colour for a wonderful winter look. 

The good thing is that today there are so many different and interesting combinations to combine your own style with a men's bracelet and to underline its character traits. Whether casual with ripped jeans and sneakers or chic with Chelsea boots and an elegant coat, anyone can wear it as they want and feel most comfortable and yet is always trendy.

Just look in your wardrobe and find out which style you are and especially in which outfit you feel most comfortable. Then it will also be easier for you to match the outfits with modern and stylish accessories such as a striking ring and a men's bracelet.


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