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Don’t try this! 5 jewelry mistakes men make

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on December 28 2017

Fashion is an art and has rules attached to it. You don’t just wake up one morning and put on everything stylish that you own to make a statement. The message you will be sending is a ‘too much going on; rescue me’ kind of statement. So, yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear men bracelets. You only need to put some thought into it, check the flow and balance out the appeal. Don't be caught pants down doing these:

1.Going Overboard

Just because you discovered that jewelry doesn’t only look good on women but also on men, you don’t need to say it loud by being too blingy. Just how many times have you met somebody wearing four necklaces, five rings on their fingers, a watch and three men bracelets? Boy, isn’t that heavy?  This is a sign of trying too hard and lack of confidence.  What you need to do instead, is to pick two of your best pieces and rock them. The law of minimalism works best here.

2.Off Tones

What is your skin tone? Is it matching your jewelry of choice or did you just pick it at the store because it looked appealing? The right way to put on men’s jewelry is to ensure that it enhances your look and boosts your confidence. If it is stealing the show by saying ” hey, look here, I think I am in the wrong place”, then ditch it. Do some research or ask the attendant at the jewelry store to show you the best colors and metals that match your skin tone. Try them on to see what brings out the best in you.

3.Unbalanced Jewelry

This is the guy who mixes metals up, wears a bulky watch and bulky bracelets together, and throws in some big chains or several colors in one go. That is what lack of balance is all about. The problem with imbalance is that it draws the attention to one wrong thing instead shedding some light on your entire look. It doesn’t matter if your suit is a designer and your shoes are the most expensive in the market, if you ruin that look by not balancing out your jewelry,  it is a total fail. Try this instead: make sure that the tones rhyme and all your accessories strike a balance.

4.Wrong attitude

How does attitude have anything to do with jewelry? Everything! If you wear your jewelry with zero confidence, your will water out its effect and drown in low esteem. The result will be a lost look that is trying to fit in but isn’t quite there. First, you need to get rid of the idea that jewelry is only for women. Who said so? You can start small and try out minimal pieces as your confidence grows. Who knows, with a little confidence, you could be gracing the screens for the hottest guy in town.

5.Wrong Context

Did you know that the rules of fashion don’t allow you to wear studs with a suit? The point here is this, don’t be caught wearing the wrong jewelry to the wrong place. Don't try to look for attention in a funeral or turn heads in the office by replacing your tie with a long piece of chain. Just ensure that your jewelry matches the time, place and occasion. Maybe like a skull bracelet or a men's leather bracelet.

Final Thoughts

They say that the world of fashion is flexible and you can be anything you want. That is true but everything has a right way and a wrong way. Of course, you can experiment with various styles, but stick to the basic rules as a guideline and you will never go wrong.


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