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Gents Bracelets - About gentlemen, men bracelets and lifestyle

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on November 24 2017

Gents Bracelets - About gentlemen, men bracelets and lifestyle


 While sitting in the tube, watching some people (particularly men and their accessories) you often figure same categories of men wearing jewellery. The first category, I think also the most frequent, are the men, wearing either the good old wedding ring or a simple silver watch.

Sometimes you can spot another type of men: The young, modern, fashion orientated men, with jeans designed in a slight used-look, some sneakers and a bunch of wooden or leather bracelets.

And once in a blue moon, there are these phenomena you are not sure if they are a lead singer of a rock band or if they just put on as many jewellery as possible.

Three completely different types of men except for one similarity: they’re all wearing jewellery.

Jewelry has a big influence on the men's appearance and the effect on others. It’s a medium to show something about your character and this makes others interested in you and desired to get to know you better, like the description on the backside of a book.

Which is the first of my four reasons?


Why men should wear at least one or two pieces of jewellery

1.Clothes make the man. Jewelry makes them unique.

Just imagine a man wearing basic jeans and a simple tee. Let's say he’s entering a coffee shop. How long would you watch him? Probably not longer than two seconds.

And now imagine the same man wearing on four fingers silver rings with different motifs like a skull or a black stone. This man would suddenly become interesting because he got something individual, something which is seen rarely, something you have to take a closer look at. Something that makes him unique. Clothes may be a good base, but jewellery represents the final touch a man needs to stand out from the crowd. It is always an eye-catcher and will remain in the memory of our fellows. Just imagine Karl Lagerfeld without his gloves and his darkened sunglasses or Lenny Kravitz without his earnings and his nose piercing. These men would lose important factors that build up their memorability.

2. Small selection, big effect

Compared to women, men are not using their jewellery to match their daily outfit. You just have to compare a women’s jewellery box with the one of a man (on condition that a man even has one). Men's jewellery has a complete different utilization.

Like already mentioned, jewellery is a medium to show parts of a man’s personality. Some men’s jewellery describes them in the same way their eye colour or their birthmarks do.

So here is a good message: You don't need to own a closet full of jewellery. You obtain the biggest effect with a selection of two or three pieces you wear every day.

So please remember at any time: few is more, you don't have to look like a Christmas tree for being unique (also your character may be this extra and multifarious). The more detailed and simple your choice of accessories is, the more engraving it is for others and the easier you will be remembered. How about a nice, plain sunglasses? Or a sober watch? Take a closer look at I really like VooStore Berlin for their assortment of simple, sporty but still elegant products.


3. Jewelry is timeless 

There is another positive message: In the long term, nice, recognizable jewellery isn’t meant to be expensive. Once you have found your favourite piece, that fits you like your every morning bathrobe, there is no reason changing them or buying new ones. Jewelry is timeless. The necklace bought on a road trip or the bracelets you got from your best man at your wedding, will always keep these memories inside their little shapes.No current jewellery trend is more fascinating and up to date like the meaning behind a personal piece of jewellery.

But don't get upset if you don’t connect anything with your necklace yet. There are two possibilities you can have your own recognizable jewellery anyways:

  1. Buy your own jewellery and just be happy with that unromantic story of your purchase, who knows better what suits you than your own?
  2. Buy your own jewellery and just invent a story behind.

The timelessness of jewellery is about its meaning (no matter how special the meaning is). Jewelry is a souvenir and who did ever say souvenirs are out?

Are you still looking for a nice birthday or best men present? Check this out: You may already have heard of Thomas Pink. They have a bunch of stores in the UK, but also in other countries. His products represent the British and classy style. So its the right present for a real gentleman;). A nice pair of cufflinks for example?


4. The everyone's friend and companion

So if you are thinking now: „Individuality or not, I am just not the type of jewellery.“. You are clearly wrong!  Every person on earth can wear jewellery. And you know why? Because there are millions of different pieces of jewellery and 1000 more different ways of combining them. So if you are more like the „I keep it simple and clear“ guy, just go on like this and start with a classic silver watch or if you want something casual try a nice leather bracelet.

You have no idea where to get these simple accessories? Then I sincerely recommend you I really appreciate the subtlety of Gents Bracelets. The simple leather wristband coupled with the skulls forming the clasp, pimp up every outfit.

Once you are comfortable wearing these generally accepted pieces, start to introduce other jewellery pieces like a necklace if you choose.

And of course (I know the old story): Besides all this, you have to feel comfortable in yourself and the way you are strolling around in public and I am 100% sure that jewellery is the best companion a man could have for getting some support.


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  • geet: August 01, 2018

    Yes!!! I am agree with your thoughts about once you have found your favourite piece, then you are satisfied about this jewelry.

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