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7 Tips to Take Over The Chic Fashion Style

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on March 15 2018

Fashion and style is a way of expressing oneself and it may form the identity for some. You can, therefore, not afford to go wrong with fashion.

Chic fashion means you consistently dress in what looks good on you and not necessarily what is new and trendy or what looks good on another. In essence, it means being timelessly fashionable. With fashion, it is easy to tell when one is trying too hard. When one tries too hard, they become a victim of fashion and fail to express themselves in the best way they could.

Chic fashion combines basic pieces in one's wardrobe to create a fashion ‘explosion’. It is the way you dress, the way you accessorize, your body figure. It is basically smart fashion choices.

How do you stay chic and elegant? How do you consistently let your fashion style stand out?

  • Accessorize but do not over accessorize: Having the right bracelet to go with your outfit is important. Do not just pick any accessory just because it is available. This is not only ridiculous, but it also creates a negative image about oneself that may take time to get off people’s minds.


  • Remain confident: Dare to be expressive with the fashion trends you choose. Let your style express your mood, lifestyle and personality. Don’t shy away from unexplored fashion terrain.


  • Be classy: Go for quality trends. Bracelets, neckpieces among other accessories should be classy and made from genuine products. This will keep you looking young and stylish.


  • Individualizing fashion trends keeps you chic and elegant: When you consistently pick what goes with your skin tone, your body type and learning how to pair it up with the right accessories, you keep will keep winning.


  • Always invest in timeless pieces and not trendy items: Instead of investing a lot of your money in 10 trendy statement bracelets that no one is going to remember in one year, you can invest in a genuine leather bracelet that will stay over the years.


  • Learn to keep taking fashion risks: Remaining true to yourself and your fashion taste helps to keep your wardrobe fun and exciting without exaggerating anything.


  • Learn to thrift well: To be chic and elegant, one needs to learn what they should spend a good amount of money and what they shouldn’t. It takes skill and practice, but you do not what to spend money on something that will not be worth it in a year.


Remaining chic and elegant is at least every man’s desire. Unlike most people’s belief, it is not always expensive to look elegant. Find what works for you, how it works for you and explore it. Always remember to remain confident while at it.



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