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3 Statement Factors to consider when shopping for Men's Bracelets

Tony Langheinrich

Posted on December 27 2017


Gone are the days when men left the detail for the women. What a man wears now speaks volume about their attitude, class, style and how rough they could be along the edges; in a good way of course. Santa will not drop a collection of look-good items at your door. If you are a man and have something to say by just showing it off, Gents Bracelets should be your first place.

That said, if you are green in the men’s jewelry store, I will make it easy for you. You don’t need a shopping list like the one you take to the grocery store; you only need some information and your buying is sorted. We say that it makes sense to layer your hand jewelry with your watch or just wear it alone depending on your occasion, the feel in the air and, the kind of attire you have on. So, what should you consider when choosing your hand jewelry?


Well, we could pretend all day that the big p-word doesn't matter but it really does. You need to cut your cloth according to your size. If you want to speak some class in what you are wearing, choose something that flows with how much everything else you are wearing costs. You don’t want to look too cheap or look like you stole something on the streets. What is your budget allocation? That is a good place to start to avoid having your head spin over sections in the store that will waste your time. Lucky enough, Gents Bracelets have a variety for any pocket size. Don't settle for substandard, a good retailer knows that price should not mean a compromise in quality.


This word can be quite confusing in you are new in the market.  From the feel of durability, the material used to make it and personal detail and concentration invested in the bracelet. A high-quality product can be seen from a distance; so don’t sell yourself short. If it is leather you want, make sure it is 100 percent. You should at least know somebody who knows a lot about the variable to help you choose. Why? Because if you settle for an imitation, you could end up with a broken or fallen apart bracelet within the first week of wearing. Or worse, a rash on your wrists for who knows what chemicals have been used.

If it a certain metal you want, be it gold or silver, you will need to settle for whether or not you want it pure or just coated. You have to confirm this by asking a lot of questions. Again, find somebody you trust who has information on karats and ores to help you with that. There are so many copies in the market that could look like the real deal but aren’t worth your time.

3.The X Factor

Nobody wants to look like the traffic lights by wearing a piece everybody else on the streets is wearing. At least not in every detail. A confident, edgy or a man with a personality that stands out, looks for the difference. Makes sure that it tells a different story, other than just sleek design and trendiness. Unique is the word.


It is very easy to go shopping for a man's bracelet but it can also be hard if you have no idea what you want. Whatever it is, always ask as many questions as the worth of your money before settling for a piece. Remember, once you buy it, that covenant is sealed. You should make it count. Happy buying.



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